Captured Fragments is a graphics site for visitors. It is currently very small, but I try to keep adding to it. Right now it includes graphics and layouts featuring anime, manga, and Japanese Pop and Rock artists and bands. The name came from just putting words together because I was creating a new site for my past layouts. But, that site was dying and I did not want to waste the site’s name. So, I decided to change Illimitable Designs to Captured Fragments since Illimitable started to sound lame to me, and picking out for fonts for the “I” is hard.

The site started on August 17th, 2005. There’s not much about the site now. As of August 30th, 2005, I have decided to add wallpapers for visitors. More changes to the site, I have added avatars, textures, and winamp skins! As of August 17, 2010, I removed the Winamp Skins section because it was very static and I do not use Winamp anymore.

In December 2011, Captured Fragments went on a long hiatus.